EdCast & Educational Technology

Former EdCast Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Daniel McKelvey, is a supporter of web-based educational technology.

He has spoken at a number of conferences as a representative of the platform. In 2016, he discussed EdCast at an Open edX Conference.


In 2013, Daniel McKelvey joined the EdCast team while the company was in its elementary stage.  He took on the role of Vice President of Sales and Business Development. The role centered around account management and alliances.  He maintained this position for four years. His entrepreneur-type mentality drew him to the product suite, as EdCast is an innovator in terms of educational technology.  The allure of providing education and knowledge to individuals in a new and out-of-the-box way attracted him to the project in particular. EdCast is essentially what is known of as a Knowledge Cloud.  In the 21st century, knowledge is more readily available and easily accessible than ever before. With the advent of the internet, people have the ability to learn about anything anywhere and at any time.  EdCast relies on that notion and seeks to continue its efforts in a groundbreaking and never before seen way.

In 2016, Daniel McKelvey represented the company at an Open edX Conference.  In his presentation, he explained the work that EdCast is doing to provide learners with training and educational experiences in a way that keeps up with today’s technologies and techniques.  The web-based software is powered by artificial intelligence and weaves real-world expert insights and analytics with machine learning. The software is primarily marketed towards corporations and organizations seeking to negotiate large scale transformational learning projects within their companies.  EdCast offers these businesses an alternative to individually-developed workplace training. The alternative provides learners with worldly and well-rounded informal and formal learning experiences that can benefit them both in and beyond their current job role. As Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Daniel McKelvey dealt with key clients directly in terms of account management.  Through his work, he actively established and maintained strong business relationships with multinational corporations including:

  • Salesforce
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • General Electric
  • Sprint
  • Philip Morris
  • Dell/EMC Corporation