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Daniel McKelvey

Daniel McKelvey is an entrepreneur in the areas of education and solar energy technology. He also thoroughly enjoys taking ski trips to New Hampshire with friends and family every winter.

Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Daniel McKelvey

Growing up, Daniel McKelvey was exposed to the wonderous world of entrepreneurship early on.  His father’s innovative work in educational technology fostered within him a sense of thinking outside of the box.  His father’s strive to discover something other than the obvious motivated him to emulate a similar work ethic and mentality.  To this day, he sites his father as one of his biggest inspirations, both personally and professionally.

Daniel McKelvey’s entrepreneurial endeavors stem from humble beginnings.  When he was a junior high school student, he managed to found a landscaping business with a classmate.  What started out as a door-to-door sale with a promise to tackle minor yard work quickly developed into a licensed business with regular customers.  The project continued for 6 years before the pair sold their business to a local landscaper during their senior year of high school. The taste of entrepreneurial success lingered in Daniel McKelvey’s mind as he approached his collegiate career.


In 1984, the young entrepreneur enrolled as a Mathematics major at the University of New Hampshire.  Realizing the innovative opportunities within the growing Computer Science field, he added the subject as a concentrate to his studies early on into his academic pathway.  While a student at UNH, he became enamored with the sport of skiing. Every weekend of the winter semester, Daniel McKelvey and his friends would take a break from the study stress to chase speed on the slopes of New Hampshire’s snow-covered mountains.  The combination of relaxation and exhilaration of the sport quickly enraptured him. To this day, he still adores the skiing opportunities in New Hampshire. He regularly visits the Granite State for ski vacations.

Education & Solar Energy Technology

Professionally, Daniel McKelvey’s entrepreneurial spirit gravitates towards the areas of technology in education and solar energy.  For 4 years, he stood as the founding Vice President of Account Management and Alliances at EdCast, an Artificial Intelligence-powered product suite which offers web-based formal and informal learning and industry training.  Major customers of the platform include General Electric, Sprint and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. EdCast is an innovative alternative to individually-operated learning softwares used within major corporations and businesses.

A firm believer in supporting the technological efforts of tomorrow, Daniel McKelvey is a solar energy technology investor.  The concept is something that he truly believes in. In his view, solar energy technology is a groundbreaking alternative to non-renewable energy sources.  As of 2017, he is a member of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).

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