Building a College Resume

American universities – particularly those that use the holistic method of evaluation – want to see more than academic performance. They also value non-academic pursuits, such as extracurricular activities, clubs, athletics, performing arts, hobbies, community service, and work. In fact, the most selective colleges give a grade to non-academic activities in the same way (and with the same weight)… Continue reading Building a College Resume

Daniel McKelvey Informal Learning EdCast

Using Informal Learning to Jump Ahead!

Daniel McKelvey is a firm believer in the concept of continuous mental evolution. From his perspective, a worker’s knowledge base is the foundation of his/her professional career. Both progression and degression rely entirely upon whether or not you’re always willing to learn. General Electric (GE) was founded by legendary innovator Thomas Edison in 1892. 126+… Continue reading Using Informal Learning to Jump Ahead!